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Lightning can be devastating.  Besides the danger to people, it is a major cause of expensive electronic equipment failure and costly business disruption.  In general, the highest point of a facility is the most vulnerable to a direct lightning strike.  Lightning rods or air terminals are needed to capture the strike to a preferred point and to safely conduct the energy to ground to minimize the risk. For information about Erico's innovative System 3000 advanced lightning protection system, please open the Lightning Protection (System 3000) Catalogue.

Eritech System 2000 - a series of air terminals, down-conductors and fittings in accordance with National and International Standards.  

Lightning strikes and the dangerous surges and transients induced by lightning, as well as surges caused by motor switching and power supply regulation problems, represent a direct threat to people, building facilities, electrical and electronic equipment. For Erico's Six Point Plan of Protection and product information, please open Surge Protection Catalogue.

This Catalogue includes; Copper Bonded Earth Rods, Couplings, Clamps, Driving Accessories, Inspection Pits, Ground Enhancement Material (GEM), Earthing conductors, Earth Plates, Prefabricated Earth Bonds, Static Earthing Points, Earth Bars & Links, Copper Braid, Self Adhesive Tape and Ground Testers.  Grounding and bonding are an integral part of any modern electrical protection system design. An effective, low-impedance ground system is a key element of this system. It is crucial in ensuring personnel safety, as well as providing reliable protection for vital equipment and to minimize interruptions of service and costly downtime. Grounding Principles contains further detail and application information on Erico's long lasting and cost effective Grounding products.  

Welded Electrical Connections - CADWELD PLUS is a revolutionary new system that simplifies the process for exothermically welded connections.    

Caddy Fixings and Fasteners

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